Twins Rehearsal: Ah Sa puts her love injuries away; too much dancing Ah Gil feels dizzy

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Twins Rehearsal: Ah Sa puts her love injuries away; too much dancing Ah Gil feels dizzy

Post by Successor on Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:49 am

Twins Rehearsal: Ah Sa puts her love injuries away; too much dancing Ah Gil feels dizzy

<Twins Everyone Bounce Up Concert> will be held on April 16 - April 18th in Hong Kong Coliseum. Yesterday Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) and Gillian Chung (Ah Gil) were rehearsing for the concert. Joey Yung and William Chan went to visit them accompanied by their Manager Mani Fok with a platinum disc.

After the divorce press conference with Ronald Cheng, Ah Sa appeared tired at rehearsal yesterday. Asked if she's really that tired? She did not respond, Ah Gil helped her out and said: "We are rehearsing for the concert, it's very tiring because we were practicing in the dance room just before this. We just started this massive rehearsal yesterday, just spinning in circles made us dizzy. When I was practicing at home, I was a little dizzy and scraped my hand, it bled a little too." Did losing too much weight cause the dizziness? Ah Gil believes that it's not because of losing weight.

On last week's episode of <Fun With Liza and Gods>, they were playing with Ronald and Ah Sa's divorce press conference, did Wong Cho Lam's disguise make her feel worse? Ah Sa said: "He's just doing it for work! Before I didn't ask him. It was actually after he did it, then he called me and told me. My manager Mani should be the one upset because Louis Yuen's disguise looked nothing like her." Asked if Cho Lam apologized to her? She said: "I am fine, no need to apologize." Asked if she's feeling better now after the whole marriage/divorce incident? She said: "Happy or not, still gotta get through the days."

Joey and William expressed that they will make a guest appearance at Twins concert. Joey said: "Before when they were at dance rehearsal, William sneaked in and they didn't notice. When it's time for the actual show, William can sneak in again and pretend to be one of the dancers." She said that usually when she's dancing, she would wear high heels, but yesterday she sprained her ankle at the ShenZhen award ceremony, so she'll be appearing in flat shoes at Twins' concert. She said: "Also the concert is filled with young children fans, I should accommodate the atmosphere."

William expressed that besides Twins concert having good songs to listen to, they have also reached another level. He said: "When Ah Sa bites her lip, she really got a taste of feminism."

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阿Sa收起情傷 阿嬌跳到暈










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