Francis Ng admits to his crime & leaves criminal record, charged with assault,fine HKD$10,000

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Francis Ng admits to his crime & leaves criminal record, charged with assault,fine HKD$10,000

Post by Successor on Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:28 am

Translated by Successor,

To protect his wife, Francis Ng was involved with assaulting a male customer as a bread shop on the New Year day, and the male customer left ear has to is sewed with a needle. Francis Ng was very proud previously and deny all charges, however when his charges was reduced to a mere fine, he admits to his crime immediately. The judge reminds him to controls his temper and emotion and slaps him with a fine of HKD$10,000 and leaves him with a criminal record.

Francis Ng, original Name Wu Zhi Qiang (48 years old), orginally was charged with serious assaulting, however as case goes on for about 1 month, his charges was changed to casuing bodily harm, charging him with assaulting a male customer at a bread store at Kowloon, Fuk Lo Tsun Road.

Francis Ng was wearing a T-shirt and trousers, black rimmed spectacles, and arrived at the court alone. During which he remained calm and placed his crossed hand behind his back and occassionally bend his head and wipe his mouth. He has not heard he court's secretary reads out his charges against him before to admitting to his crime anxiously, and at that the judge asked him to listen carefully first.

Filming at Mainland, taking leave to return to Hong Kong for court hearings.

His defence lawyer says that Francis Ng upon seeing his wife was being bullied, did all his best to protect, which was why he committed the crime on impulse, and was counted as a sudden occurence. Francis Ng was tormented by this case for months, and currently he is filming in Mainland till July, for this time he specially took leave to come back to Hong Kong for this court hearing and admit to his crime to save the court's precious time, and hopes for a light sentence.

Judge repreimanded Francis for using violence foolishly

Chief Judge, Guo Qi An on giving his sentence, reminded Francis Ng that "You are very lucky, if you are guilty for assaulting, you have to be jailed. You are a celebrity, and all your actions are followed closely, and you need to control your temper and emotions. This case was due to a language misunderstanding,although you were protecting your wife, however you did not check the truth and you should not be using violence foolishly." Cheif Judge, Guo considered that Francis Ng was indeed regretful and that this was not intentional and therefore fined him HKD$10,000 and reminded him to learn his lesson and not act on impulse.

The prosecutor pointed out that the victim was a property agent, and taking leave will cause him to lose HKD$1000 commission per day and demand Francis to compensate between $6000 to $10,000. The defencing laywer refuses the demand and pointed out that the victim might not have any commission within the 7 days, but is only willing to compensate for the medical fees. Chief Judge, Guo, suggested that the victim take civil claim for the compensation.

The victim was given 2 needles.

The case stated that on that day, Francis Ng's wife was not pleased with the 60 year old female sweeper sweeping in the biscuit shop, affecting hygiene and started scolding. However a couple whom was unhappy to see such scolding's, pointed at Francis's wife and stated that "It was also unhygienic when you touched the biscuit with your hands just now." Francis wife claimed that the couple was all vulglar and wanted to call the police, however the couple ignored and decided to leave instead. Francis upon seeing his wife shouting "Dont let him go", immediately pushed the victim back to the shop and started assaulting his head. The whole process took about 14 seconds and the victim complained of a neck pain and also has to be given 2 needles.

Original Article:

吳鎮宇搶住認罪 留案底




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