Doesn't want to upset grandma, Elva Hsiao pretends mother is away on business trip

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Doesn't want to upset grandma, Elva Hsiao pretends mother is away on business trip

Post by Successor on Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:06 pm

Elva Hsiao endorsed an antiperspirant product on the 16th, and to clear rumours that she uses it to cover up because she smells, she clarified the mix-ups. Overseas, antiperspirants are as common as moisturizers/lotions, and everyone uses them. "I will use it right after I finish showering, and it's more important than false eyelashes." She said that in the summer, sweating makes her very uncomfortable, so after showering in the morning she will use it to keep dry throughout the day. At night, she smells her clothes upon return to her house to check for any bad smells, and if there aren't any, she can wear the clothes for a couple more days before it needs washing.

She hates coming across dancers onstage that reek of sweat, but she can only wait in silence until the next dance number is completed before running offstage to wipe her entire body with a damp paper towel. Elva is lucky in that she has never dated a smelly boy, "Usually the boys that I meet have the fragrant smell of cologne." At the moment the number of suitors has been never-ending, but she doesn't have a boyfriend yet.

It will be her first Mother's Day without her mother, so she has already planned to celebrate it with her younger brother at their grandmother's house for dinner. "I will never tell my grandma that my mom has already passed away." Elva says, everytime her grandma inquires after her mother, Elva will tell her that she is away on business

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