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Global Netiquette

Post by Successor on Sat Apr 17, 2010 7:25 pm

These are the rules for this site. If you fail to follow them, you'll receive warnings. With 10 warnings you'll be banned automatically.

I. General
* Read the FAQ before asking questions!
* Stay ontopic and post good posts.

II. On Spam
* Do not do obvious spam outside the Chat lounge. Only engage in discussions that are of relevancy. You may be penalised if you spam with irrelevant or totally pointless posts.

III. On Accounts
* You're not allowed to use more than one account for yourself. If we find out that you have a double account, we withhold the right to delete the extra accounts.

IV. On behavior at the forums
* Do not flame (attack/abuse) or offend other members. Example of flaming: "You are so stupid", "you're such sl*t" etc.
* Don't use sexual offensive usernames, signatures, avatars or banners. (like a porn username, sig, avatar, etc)
* The rule above also means, that you're not allowed to sexually offend other persons by changing their titles, signatures avatars or banners with the shopitems. If you do, you will be punished.

V. On Topics
* Obey the rules set by forum masters in each section too.
* Do NOT put links to illegal software, movies, sexual, racist or any material that is frowned upon.
* If your post contains content that may be disturbing but it is needed for the discussion (for example, background information about the world war when you want to start a debate about it), you need to put some sort of a warning up. For example: This is a warning, this site/text may contain content that may be sensitive or offensive.

Topic Starting:
** Write descriptive topic titles. Write it in a way that we understand what the topic is about without opening it. Topic titles like only "how?", "HELP" or only "why?" are BAD titles and they will be changed, moved or deleted without warning depending on the forum this was done.
** The topicstarter '''STARTS''' and '''MAINTAINS''' If you start a topic, you need to give enough background info about the subject and also voice your own opinion. Also, you need to stay active in the topic itself. If not, your topic can be taken over by a mod or given to another member.

Responding to Topics:
** Stay on topic whenever you post. You stay on topic by answering or responding to the topic starter's post/question, and discuss why you put that response. In other words, explain why you put what you put. Note: Elaboration will most likely reduce the chances of it being considered spam.
** Quote only when necessary. If you have to quote, make sure you quote only what you reply too.
** Plagiarism is '''STRICTLY FORBIDDEN'''. If you copy posts from others as if they're yours, you will be severely punished.

VI. On PM (Personal Messages)
* DO NOT PM moderators to ask them about becoming a Moderator. We have a policy here at forums. If you ask to become a moderator, you will not become one anytime soon. The only way to become one, is if a moderator feels that your activity in a forum has been outstanding and they bring it to our attention.
*A member ONLY PM's a moderator regarding something important. If you flood our message box with pointless messages, you will be given a warning and then if you continue to do so, you will be given a warning point.
* Do NOT PM the moderators to ask for promotion or other requests.


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