TVB did not “ban” Ekin Cheng

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TVB did not “ban” Ekin Cheng

Post by Successor on Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:47 am

Day before yesterday, Ekin Cheng revealed that his request to appear on TVB to promote his new movie <<Once A Gangster>> was denied because he is one of the Big Four record companies’ singers. TVB’s Director of External Affairs Tsang Sing Ming yesterday clarified that TVB did not ban Ekin and in fact, is inviting him to appear on an interview show along with Jordan Chan. He indicated that even though Ekin is one of Sony’s contracted singers, he also has an actor’s contract with TVB and graduated from TVB’s acting class years ago, so he is definitely a “TVB person”. Tsang Sing Ming indicates that the incident was purely a misunderstanding and will not damage Ekin’s relationship with TVB. Tomorrow, Ekin and Jordan will be interviewed by TVB’s show <<Fan Hou Gan>>. Tsang also indicated that as long as Ekin appears on TVB as an “actor”, then it’s fine.

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