Rumoured couple Eddie Peng and Jolin Tsai compete against each other

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Rumoured couple Eddie Peng and Jolin Tsai compete against each other

Post by Successor on Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:17 am

Translated by Successor,

Last afternoon, rumoured couple Jolin Tsai and Eddie Peng appeared seperately for the body care products that they are each endorsing for; On the coincidence, the both of them too felt surprised. Eddie Peng embarasingly said he did not knew anything about this but is friends with Jolin Tsai, and will gift each other skin products. Jolin Tsai upon busy with her work claims that she did not noticed it.

Don't mind to surf together

Next month is Mothers day, Eddie Peng claims that he will give his mother body products as presents, and hope his mother is forever young. However Jolin Tsai previously says that she has brought her mother to The Maldives, giving her mother a early Mother's day present. Asking that if she will consider surfing with Eddie Peng? She answered graciously: "Since I am already tanned, I don't mind!"

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