Rain voted #1 by netizens as the star they wish to have as their trainee teacher

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Rain voted #1 by netizens as the star they wish to have as their trainee teacher

Post by Successor on Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:43 pm

Rain has been chosen as the star which netizens would like to have as their trainee teacher.

A poll was done on music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr ) from 9th till 15th April on ‘The star whom I wish to have as my trainee teacher’ and Rain was voted #1 on the poll with 33% (498 votes) of the votes.

The reasons he was picked are “I want to learn from Rain who seems to have the drive and spirit to keep seeking for success”, “I wish to learn the secrets to have such a killer body like Rain has” etc.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

  1. Rain (33%)
  2. Park JaeBum (19%) – Netizens voiced that they wish to have JaeBum as their English teacher
  3. Yoo JaeSeok (18.5%) – Netizens voiced that they wish to have MC Yoo to teach them the national language and thinks that he will conduct lessons in a fun way since he is outspoken and proactive
  4. Jo Kwon (16%)
  5. Kim YunA (12%)
  6. Kim JiSeok from MBC drama ‘Personal Taste (1.7%)

Meanwhile, a poll on the ‘Return of the King in 2010 April’ is currently being conducted on Monkey3 with singers like Rain, Lee Hyori, Jo SungMo and Brown Eyed Girls as the nominees.

Source: http://sookyeong.wordpress.com


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