Janine Chang claims she wrongly loved a gay

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Janine Chang claims she wrongly loved a gay

Post by Successor on Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:39 pm

Translated by Successor, celebs.talk-forums.com

Quality actress Janine Chang is one whom is greatly admired in the enetertainment circle, her image is also one which would attract both man and woman. She mentions that in her university period she, loved the wrong guy, she admired a guy classmate whom looks much like Lee Hom, but later realise that he is a gay who does not like girls, making her felt heart wrenched.

With her good image, Janine has had many rumours, and she not only can attract guys but also lesbians. When she knew the news she was belated and cheered: "Is it? I am so honoured."

She say that when she was in High School, she was a school team captain and was the talk of everyone in the school and very much popular. She occassionally received her female juniors giving her note of admiration.

Her deepest impression was on her 3rd year of High School, where she was staying in school to study for her exams, suddenly in the midnight someone invited her to discuss about something at the rooftop. She felt that it would be someone trying to profess love to her, she was overly nervous and therefore did not turn up for the invitation. "We can meet during daylight, why meet at midnight on a rooftot, it's making me scared."

She says: "love is irregardless of gender, I believe only in love itself." She mentions during her 2nd year of university, a refined guy classmate who looked like Lee Hom also invited her to movies making her quite happy. She then invited him to the movies again on her own initiative, but she admits that understand's love too late, and has no courage to profess to him and can only love him secretly.

However one day, her good friend told her that: "You don't have hope anymore", the reason being that the guy whom she loved actually claims he is a gay on a social website. And she felt disappointed.

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Source: ol.mingpao.com


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