39 year old Moses chan wants to get married

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39 year old Moses chan wants to get married

Post by Successor on Wed Apr 21, 2010 4:35 pm

Moses Chan turned 39 today. Yesterday when he attended to the promotion of new series "Fly With Me" (飛女正傳), all actors and actresses celebrated with him. Moses said today is his actual birthday, but he's busy filming "Can't Buy My Love," he would spend his birthday during work. Bernice Liu didn't arrange any special events for him. Reporters said his rumored girlfriend is not caring enough? Moses explained that he's too busy, wait until he has more free time. He also said next year he will say goodbye to 30s, and he has thoughts of getting married. He has a successful career now, hoping his relationship would be as good. Asked whether he and his other half have consent to get married, he said: "Rather is for my career or relationship, I'm just as hard working as a bull, try to the best for everything."

It's rumored that Ada Choi is pregnant and yesterday she purposely wore a blouse exposing her waist to the promotion. She said: "I'm not pregnant. If 'Fly With Me' ratings reached 40, 50 points then I'll give birth immediately, give birth to a puppy." She said having a kid would be arranged by God. She's also preparing by taking care of her body. She also hope to have a child, and will tell the good news by then.

Source: http://kays-entertainment.blogspot.com


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