Liu Jia Chang's son Jeremy Liu's drink driving accident, girlfriend injured as well.

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Liu Jia Chang's son Jeremy Liu's drink driving accident, girlfriend injured as well.

Post by Successor on Thu Apr 22, 2010 1:11 pm

Translated by Successor,
Director Liu Jia Chang's son, Jeremy Liu is involved in a drink driving accident which caused his car to overturned, and is hospitalised together with his girlfriend, Lin Ya Ling.

When the 2 of them were saved by the firemans in the overturned car, they even let down their tears of joy; When they were tested for their alcholic levels, they were surprised that their alcholic levels exceeded by over 2 times the normal limit. They were later bailed out for HKD$5,000 and had to report to the police station on July.

Warner the company which Jeremy Liu is under has expressed that: "With regards to Hong Kong Law penalty, they wil face up to it."

This incident happened on 5am in the morning, after celebrating his 24 years old birthday, Jeremy Liu drove his rumoured girlfriend Lin Ya Ling through Tseung Kwan O's toll booth, he was suspected to driving at high speeds through a bend. The car skidded and lost control dashing out of the road, rolling over sideways on the pavement. The car suffered damages on the rear and the roof of the car, the scene also shown skid marks 20 meters long.

The 2 were being trapped in the car, Jeremy Liu suffered forehead, hand and foot injuries, while Lin Ya ling suffered minor right hand and waist injuries.

Firemans rescued Jeremy Liu first who was minor injured, Lin Ya Ling who was continued to be trapped in the car kept on shouting for help, and after being rescued she let out a cry.

Jeremy Liu suffered rib injuries

Liu Jia Chang and his wife expreseed themselves through Warner that their son Jeremy Liu had drank some wine on the birthday party and that the accident happened due to the slippery road and unfamilarity with the right side driving when they drove out to get some breakfast.

Liu Jia Chang expressed: "Due to the fog causing the car to skid, and his son also suffered rib injuries."

Liu Jia Chang's secretary also say that both Liu Jia Chang and his wife were very worried about their son. Regarding whether Jeremy Liu's rumoured girlfriend, Liu Ya Ling is his girlfriend, the secretary denied.

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