Godfrey Tsao suffers concussion

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Godfrey Tsao suffers concussion

Post by Successor on Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:28 pm

The actor-model hit his head when he dived into the shallow pool for a scene in his new drama

Top Taiwanese model Godfrey Tsao suffered a concussion after a pool diving accident during filming for his new idol drama Wo De Pai Dui Qing Ren.

On Monday in Kaohsiung, the 1.95-metre-tall Godfrey was filming a pool diving scene for the show when he knocked his head on the floor of the 1.4-metre-deep pool. At that time, he could still get out of the pool on his own, but the production crew noticed blood dripping down his face and rushed to ice his head.

Later, he felt dizzy and nauseous, and filming was abruptly ended as the male lead was sent to the hospital.

Doctors found that he had suffered concussion and advised that he stay for further checks and refrain from air travel.

Despite vomiting through that night, Godfrey still flew to Shanghai early next morning for prior work commitments. It is believed he was struck by a serious headache when he landed in the Chinese city.

He said yesterday, "I thought it's a superficial wound, but it swelled so much.

"My head now feels heavy and tired. I'll have to see a doctor again when I'm back in Taiwan."

Source: xinmsn.com


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