Charlene Choi Continues to be "Hot" in Demand as Management Companies Seek to Sign Ah Sa

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Charlene Choi Continues to be "Hot" in Demand as Management Companies Seek to Sign Ah Sa

Post by Successor on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:18 pm

Recently, there have been several tabloid magazine reports indicating that Charlene Choi's contract with management company EEG will end at the end of 2010 and that Charlene Choi intends to pass Huayi Brothers Media Corporation's contract offer (100 million HKD over 2 years) and start her own management company with her father.

Today (April 22) at an LG Infinia New Products Release with Nick Cheung, Charlene took the opportunity to clarify the situation. Charlene stressed that she still has several years remaining in her contract with EEG. Furthermore, at the moment Charlene states that she is content with the work with EEG and is not looking to either change companies, nor is she looking to start her own company. However, Ah Sa admits that she has received calls from several companies inviting Charlene to sign with them.

Charlene stated, "Several movie management companies, as well as music management companies have called me, expressing interest in signing me and suggesting contract offers. I haven't and don't need to think about it, because my contract (with EEG) still has a lengthy period of time remaining! I spoke to my company about it (the calls), and myself being alongside EEG, these tabloid magazines can be the worst."

When asked if Huayi Brothers Media Corporation was among the management companies which had called to inquire, Ah Sa replied no. Charlene also emphasized that she will not be starting her own management company with her father because her father is already semi-retired. When asked whether it will be unlikely for Charlene to leave EEG due because of Twins, Charlene replied, "I am very happy in this company, several of my closest friends are here, and furthermore my boss and managers all treat me very well."

Work lined up until the end of the year

When asked if Charlene is worried that she will be frozen by EEG, Charlene refuted these rumors. Charlene also disclosed that she will be very busy with her schedule lined up with projects until the end of the year with music and films.*

*Note: Charlene's completed debut Mandarin album "As A Sa" is set to release in June, Charlene will begin recording her 3rd Cantonese album in May which is set to release at the end of 2010, Charlene will finish filming "The Emerald and the Pearl" with Raymond Lam and Joey Yung in May, Charlene will begin filming a new movie with Nick Cheung, Nicholas Tse and Da S in May, and Charlene's first idol drama "Calling For Love" begins broadcasting May 16.



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