Over 200 artists record for Qinghai Earthquake Charity Concert theme song

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Over 200 artists record for Qinghai Earthquake Charity Concert theme song

Post by Successor on Fri Apr 23, 2010 2:42 pm

Artists taking action on fundraisers for the disaster relieve have initiated mass response. Last night, over 200 artists gathered at the recording studio for the Qinghai Earthquake Charity Concert theme song. Many artists put out their generous hearts contributing money and physical effort for the victims in crisis. Joey Yung and Kelly Chen alone donated 100,000 yuan and encouraged their fans to take action for charity.

Joey expressed that at the end of the month, she would be taking a break and head out to Mainland to treat her hoarse voice. She will be getting acupuncture treatment in Mainland. However, if necessary she has intentions in taking her vacation to visit the disaster areas. The night before, while Joey and Twins were on <JSG>, they revealed that they just donated 100,000 yuan. Kelly made her donation under the name "Lau Family". She expressed that 7 years ago when she visited Qinghai, she established a charity foundation and built 30 schools since then. Also, the organizers sent out Nick Cheung and Max Mok earlier to visit and record clips on the local disaster areas.

Source: asianfanatics.net


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