Jessica Hsuan Portrays Villianess in “Sisters of Pearl”

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Jessica Hsuan Portrays Villianess in “Sisters of Pearl”

Post by Successor on Thu May 06, 2010 9:10 pm

Jessica Hsuan Portrays Villianess in “Sisters of Pearl”

The entertaining value of a television series is usually attributed to the villain’s role. In recent years, TVB created several memorable villainess roles, such as Tavia Yeung Yi’s character in Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計> and Michelle Yim Mai Shuet in Moonlight Resonance <溏心風暴之家好月圓>.

Replacing Suspects in Love’s <搜下留情> time slot will be Sisters of Pearl <掌上明珠> For the first time in her 17-year acting career, Jessica Hsuan will be portraying a villainess. Sisters of Pearl also feature Bowie Lam, Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor, Michael Tao Dai Yu, Chan Mei Si, and Joyce Tang Lai Ming. Set in the 1960s, the story revolves around the three Chu sisters (played by Kiki, Jessica, and Mei Si) and their family pearl business. Due to the frequent bickering among the sisters over the family fortune, there will be many scenes with the female characters plotting against each other.

No Righteous Character in Sisters of Pearl

Jessica’s character will bear evil and greedy intentions, as she schemes to take over complete control of the Chu family’s pearl business. Jessica will have many scenes opposite Bowie and Michael as well.

Perhaps the most extreme villain will be Bowie, who will play Kiki’s husband. Initially, Bowie was loyal to the Chu family. However, after his father’s death due to unjust circumstances, his personality took a drastic turn and he became a sly schemer. Bowie manipulated Kiki and Jessica’s relationship, causing their sisterly ties to turn sour. He also became involved with Joyce Tang.

Michael Tao will play the Chu sisters’ cousin. His character appears to be cheerful, but he plots with outsiders to usurp the Chu family’s pearl business. Perhaps there is no righteous character in Sisters of Pearl.

A crew member on the set of Sisters of Pearl revealed that Jessica and Kiki did not get along during filming. They had sudden outbursts and disappeared during filming, making the Producer fearful of Kiki and Jessica. Allegedly, Jessica possessed diva habits and requested to nap for twenty minutes on the set [in between filming breaks]. This resulted in the other cast members waiting for her.

Allegedly, when the filming location for one of the outdoor scenes was changed last minute, Kiki was enraged and yelled at other people. Jessica and Kiki maintained their distance from each other outside of their shared scenes.



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