Bowie Lam admits that <Sisters of Pearl> cast were on bad terms

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Bowie Lam admits that <Sisters of Pearl> cast were on bad terms

Post by Successor on Tue May 18, 2010 1:38 pm

During the filming of <Sisters of Pearl>, there were rumors of the cast on bad terms. Bowie Lam accepted a phone interview yesterday and when asked which one of the cast did he not get along with? Bowie said: "I have high EQ, the series 'having problems' everyone knows. Within a company, there are going to be people who are disliked. However, this is what happens between people." Asked if he knows about the Jessica Husan and Kiki Sheung rumors? Bowie did not answer directly, he cracked a joke instead: "This is an issue between Macy Chan and I."

Bowie expressed that he has collaborated with Jessica several times. Although the two don't talk much and there's more hee-hee-haha, the most important part is that both have the same goal of giving a good performance for the series. They are compatible on this aspect. As for Kiki, she is his senior, he greatly respects her. During filming, there is mutual communication between them. Bowie also said: "Michael Tao is quite talkative, he has so many topics."



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