Tavia Yeung has confidence for new series despite the World Cup

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Tavia Yeung has confidence for new series despite the World Cup

Post by Successor on Tue May 18, 2010 1:40 pm

Tavia Yeung and Sire Ma were at Sheung Shui Plaza, with the World Cup approaching, the two took advantage of this time to do soccer training with English soccer performer The Coolmen Soccer. Tavia expressed that she does watch the World Cup. As her new series <The Mysteries of Love> will be around the same period as the World Cup, she is not worried about the TV ratings. She said: "Because the World Cup broadcasts in the afternoon, while her series broadcasts at night. There won't be a clash in time and we all do support the World Cup as well."

As iCable won the rights to broadcast the World Cup, is Tavia promoting iCable by attending this event then? Tavia explained: "World Cup is a rare event, our executives like to watch soccer too, also we should all contribute to the development of the soccer profession." Tavia smiled and said that if an attractive guy knows how to play soccer, he would be the guy with the best qualities. It was reported that TVB wanted to promote Raymond Lam's concert, so they decided to broadcast his series at the same time as his concert? Tavia said: "I didn't know Raymond was going to hold a concert. Also, the release schedule for the series was already decided before, so it's probably just a coincidence."


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