Jay Chou has claustrophobia; scared of buying a plane

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Jay Chou has claustrophobia; scared of buying a plane

Post by Successor on Sun May 23, 2010 11:20 pm

Singing "Superman Can't fly", disclosing the thoughts of a heavenly king, in the new album "Hip Hop Air Hostess" and more, there are 3 songs related to flying,and it reflects his busy circumstances. Jay Chou buys cars without a second glance, but he smiled saying he has claustrophobia so he won't be splashing out on a private jet.

His new album is called "The Era" and Jay Chou revealed that originally they planned to use a fighter aircraft for the cover. He would board it looking handsome; a symbol of travelling through time, continuing the concept of music and bringing the fans a mixed style of Chinese and Western flying forward. However, because of time constraints they didn't have time to rent a fighter jet, and the idea had to be scrapped.

Earning a few hundred million annually, buying a plane is not hard. Jay Chou is often travelling from here to there, yet he's never thought about buying a private jet because he has claustrophobia. When he gets on a plane he's too scared to look behind, "Like being on an elevator, if it stops halfway, I might go crazy." So when he gets on the plane he immediately goes to sleep, he's never had the experience of flirting with pretty girls like in "Hip Hop Air Hostess".

He said, in this album half of the songs were produced in America. At the time he was filming "The Green Hornet", and he completed the music in his trail. There are 3 songs related to flying; it's just a coincidence.

Yesterday the ever busy Jay Chou was interviewed on SET. Regarding rumours that Jay Chou is taking on the role of Bruce Lee in "Yip Man 3", he denied this, saying: "I don't look like Bruce Lee, plus playing Bruce Lee comes with a lot of pressure, I suggest getting Danny Chan from Shaolin Soccer, he's more like him!" He expressed he'll start filming "Secret 2" next year, as usual he'll be directing it himself and starring in it as well.

Jay Chou prudent over choosing partner, definitely won't get divorced

Earlier, Jay Chou went on UFO Radio to promote his new album and the presenter Joseph Wang asked: "What kind of girl does your mother like?" He thought about it and said: "I guess someone who is filial and can do housework." Joseph Wang concluded: "So outward appearance is not important?" He laughed shouting: "I think it's important!" The mother and son are close, but their view on girls is very different.

Jay Chou wants everything to be diao, but he has a different side when it comes to his family. Nicholas Tse has given him some food for thought, "In the past I went to Hong Kong often, I bumped into him when he was still unmarried, but after I bumped into him later, he was already a father. I talked to him about being a father, and it was pretty special." Tse is 30 this year, and Jay Chou is a year older. Seeing him already a father of two, he's not in a hurry but his attitude is rather contradictory.

"If I had kids, I can take them out to play, go on shows, but once I go abroad, what will I do since I can't accompany them?" He said, once he gets married, there's no way he'll get divorced, "So I'll carefully choose (my other half)."

Source: asianfanatics.net


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Re: Jay Chou has claustrophobia; scared of buying a plane

Post by angsterslover on Mon May 24, 2010 4:19 am

wow.. a plane!
he must get married her in Philippines..there's no divorce in here...
marriage for us is a lifetime commitment... tongue
as i know there was a Taiwanese and a Malaysian celeb. couple hu got married here last year...i forgot their names...
..many people wondered why in philippines, maybe the don't get it..the point is there's no divorce here Laughing
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