[Series] Sister Of Pearl 掌上明珠

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[Series] Sister Of Pearl 掌上明珠

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After the death of her husband, CHU PIK-HA (Jessica Hsuan) returns to her maiden home with her son, in a deliberate attempt to take over the family jewelry business from her big sister CHU PIK-WAN (Kiki Sheung). To prevent HA from getting too out of hand, WAN needs her matrilocal husband HO CHEUNG-HING (Bowie Lam) to create trouble for her sibling. HING does not follow her instructions, but instead secretly helps HA tackle her problems one by one. WAN soon comes to realize that HING has never really got over HA. WAN's little sister CHU PIK-LAM (Macy Chan) is still attending school and too young to deal with such family issues. WAN feels a profound sense of helplessness and becomes even more frustrated when SO LAI-SHEUNG (Joyce Tang) turns up suddenly claiming to be a mistress of her late father and pregnant with his baby. Out of respect for their father, the sisters agree to put SHEUNG up for the time being until the situation becomes clearer. Shortly thereafter, HA discovers that SHEUNG is just a tool of her cousin HUNG YIU-SANG (Michael Tao), who has been plotting to wage a battle of wills against the CHUs.


Kiki Sheung as Chu Pik-Wan 朱碧雲
Jessica Hsuan as Chu Pik-Ha 朱碧霞
Macy Chan as Chu Pik-Lam 朱碧霖
Joyce Tang as So Lai-Sheung 蘇麗嫦
Lau Kong as Chu Siu-Cheung 朱兆昌
Lily Leung as Ngan Yu-Yuk 顏如玉

Ho Family
Bowie Lam as Ho Cheung-Hing 何祥興
Savio Tsang as Ho Cheung-Fat 何祥發
Chow Chung as Ho Wing 何榮

Hung Family
Michael Tao as Hung Yiu-Sang 洪耀生
Fung So Bor as Chan Gwan-Yu 陳君如

Chow Family
Joel Chan as Chow Yuk-Ji 周旭仔
Lily Lee as Ng Oi-King 吳愛瓊
Chun Wong as Chow Fei 周飛
Karen Lee as Chow Daai-Mung 周大妹


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