Bosco's Wong two nipples are worth millions

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Bosco's Wong two nipples are worth millions

Post by Successor on Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:44 pm

Bosco Wong went to commercial radio yesterday to promote new album. On the album cover, he had smoky eyes and his nails were painted black. Among album photos, there are some where he went topless. But because he already signed a contract with an advertising company, one nipple worth 6-digit, two nipples worth 7-digit, within the contract period these photos exposing his nipples cannot be revealed, so those photos were taken out from the album. Bosco joked his nipples are valuable, but he doesn't mind exposing them. If his new album sells better than his last one, he hopes his company can have a talk with the advertising company to release these photos.

In addition, it's said Bosco flirt with rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu on Weibo/Sina miniblog and that caused TVB to ban its artistes from playing it. He expressed there's no such thing and never heard of the ban. He'll continue to go on Weibo. His record company thinks Weibo can pull artiste and his/her fans closer; name of Bosco's new album is voted by fans on Weibo.


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I would rather kiss a person for 6 hours instead =)

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