Huang Xiao Ming plans to venture out of Asia

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Huang Xiao Ming plans to venture out of Asia

Post by Successor on Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:49 pm

Huang Xiao Ming is currently filming Chen Kai Ge's new filming "Orphan of Zhao" (趙氏孤兒) and he believes this film is a turning point in his acting career because it caused a change in his acting. Huang also praised Wang Xue Qi, Ge You, and Fan Bin Bin's acting are stunning and he is very happy working with them. Looking at his future, he hopes to work with more big directors and team. He wants to participate in international films the most and break out from Asia. As for his personal wish, it's to travel around the world and live with family until they're old.

In addition, Huang disclosed he bought the copy right of fiction "Huan Cheng" (幻城) and "Zuo Dan" (做單) and hopes to make them into films/TV dramas


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