[Series upcoming] The Winter Of Flying Fish 魚躍在冬季

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[Series upcoming] The Winter Of Flying Fish 魚躍在冬季

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English Title:
The Winter Of Flying Fish [tentative english name]

Chinese Title:魚躍在冬季

Chinese Pinyin: Yu Yue Zai Dong Ji
Cantonese Title: Yue Yeuk Joi Dong Guai

Costume Fitting Date:
12th October 2009

Modern/Brother Relationship/Romance

Zhong Wai Kein [Twin Of Brothers, Catch Me Now, Born Rich, Maiden's Vow]

Script Writer:
Au Kun Ying [The Golden Faith, The Last Breakthrough, Born Rich], Wu Mei Wan [In The Chamber Of Bliss, The King Of Snooker]

Filming Location:
Hong Kong, Japan

Filming Length:
October 2009-January 2010


Damian Lau
Julian Cheung
Myolie Wu
Michael Tse
Tavia Yeung
Ken Hung
Mary Hon
Eric Li
Benjamin Yuen
Lisa Lui
Angelina Lo
Pierre Ngo
Jimmy Au
Felix Lok
Cheung Kwok Keung
Bruce Li Hung Kit
Eileen Yeow

*Julian Cheung will film a TVB drama in the month of October. He said,"I had already finished a discussion about the drama with TVB. It is a modern drama and I hope I have the opportunity to provide service to audiences
*Tavia Yeung and Myolie Wu will film this drama.
*Michael Tse will film this drama.
*Myolie Wu's new series will film in Japan for 3 weeks. She will be a materialistic woman, like brand names. She will cut her hair for the role.
*Damian will go to Japan for filming with Chilam, Myolie and Tavia as well as Michael Tse. [Filming date in Japan:- 25/10/2009-14/11/2009]
*Chilam and Michael are brothers.
*Chilam will pair up with Myolie.
*Both brothers will have total different characteristics. One is practical, the other one is impractical.
*Besides romance, the series will revolve around brother relationship.
*Both Chi Lam and Michael will play sushi masters.
*The pairings will be Chi Lam-Myolie and Michael-Tavia.
*Filming for over a month in Hokkaido and Tokyo at the end of October.
*Myolie will be a tad evil and like brand names. She will play a spoiled rich girl, but she will only be rich in the first two episodes. Myolie will also be speaking some Japanese in the series. She will be a picky eater, who constantly criticizes Michael's food.
*Myolie will run away from home and meet Chi Lam and Michael in Japan.
*Tavia's character name is Choi Si Lung. She will play a personal nurse to Angelina Lo.
*Tavia and Ken Hung will play sister and brother.
*Chi Lam and Tavia will play friends, but Chi Lam will have a crush on her.
*Tavia's romantic storyline will be complicated, as it involves love and revenge.
*Ken Hung said that the series will consist of 20 episodes.
*Pierre Ngo will be acting as a 20+ years old guy but with an IQ of an 8 years old little boy. He will be marrying Tavia in the drama.
*Damian will be Myolie's father.


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