Jessica Hsuan got 5 tumors removed in one go

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Jessica Hsuan got 5 tumors removed in one go

Post by Successor on Sat Apr 10, 2010 1:01 am

(Her wrist after the surgery)

Jessica Hsuan got 5 tumors removed in one go

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan expressed on her microblog that she just had surgery done and was in anesthesia. She said that there probably is some lost of memory as a result. Although Jessica did not reveal if she was suffering from any illness, she only disclosed: "Do not need to worry. I had a small tumor on my wrist, 4 on the head, but now it's all gone bye bye!"

After completing the surgery, Jessica said: "The surgery was completed this morning and I was discharged from the hospital. I really did not enjoy the feeling of anesthesia. Actually my boyfriend was really worried, but he told me not to be worried, of course I loved to hear that. But I'm wasn't nervous because it's a small surgery. The tumors on my head and wrist was nothing dangerous. I got one on my wrist because of the injuries from skiing. The ones on my head, the doctor said that its due to the hair follicles, just have to cut out the head skin and cut out the tumor then it's fine. But I did have to lose small amounts of hair, it doesn't affect my hairstyle though. My hair can actually cover the wounded area. I took advantage of this time when I don't have much work to do this surgery."



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Re: Jessica Hsuan got 5 tumors removed in one go

Post by Inachi on Sat Apr 10, 2010 9:29 am

OMG, it must be horribly painful to remove 5 tumours in one go. hope the loss of memory, if any, is only temporary.

wish her a speedy recovery. I love watching her dramas, she's a great actor, and pretty.

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