OL Supreme 女王辦公室

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OL Supreme 女王辦公室

Post by Successor on Sat Apr 10, 2010 5:50 am

Title: 女皇辦公室
English Title: The Queen Of The Office [tentative name]
Episodes: 80
Genre: Modern/Comedy/Sitcom
Broadcast period: 2010年02月22日-2010年06月11日
Theme song: 吳卓曦&杜文澤&何韻詩 - 捱
Theme Song: Ron Ng, Chapman To, Denise Ho

Lo Family

* Liza Wang as Lo Fung 雷鳳
* Lau Kong as Lo Fu 雷鳳
* Joel Chan as Lo Yu 雷雨
* Angelina Lo as Lo Yu's mother
* Denise Ho as Miu Sek Zi 繆惜之

Ling Family

* Ron Ng as Ling Siu Kei 淩笑淇
* Kwok Fung as Ling Fung 淩鐸
* Joey Mak as Ling Siu 淩笑


* Chapman To as Si Se Toi 施拾壹
* Cheung Kwok Keung as So Tai Tung 蘇大同
* Patrick Dunn
* Dickson Lee
* Sherry Chen
* Lam Lei
* Sire Ma
* Wilson Tsui
* King Kong
* Daniel Kwok
* Koni Lui

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