Jay Chou’s not invited to Patty Hou’s wedding

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Jay Chou’s not invited to Patty Hou’s wedding

Post by Successor on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:55 am

Jay Chou’s not invited to Patty Hou’s wedding

Jay Chou might have indicated his willingness to attend his ex-girlfriend's wedding, but Patty Hou confirmed that the superstar will not be invited to the "simple affair".

Appearing at a Shanghai event with her mother on Wednesday, a glowing Patty talked candidly about her recent engagement to Ken Huang, a vice-president at Citigroup.

She said, "I've gone through a period of time when all eyes were on me (referring to her past relationship with singer-actor Jay which ended in 2006). Now the elders and I feel we should keep a low profile."

The 32-year-old declared that she would update the media about her marriage and requested privacy for her fiancé, who is not a public figure.

Wedding plans are "still in discussion," but it should happen in the next few months and only relatives and close friends would be invited.

Reporters were of course curious if former lover Jay would be present and she straightforwardly remarked, "He's too big a star, better not trouble him. Moreover, we're all busy, so the wedding will not have celebrity friends."

Another reason cited for an affair void of star power is that Patty hopes the attention will be on the couple.

When questions inevitably ended up on the topic of her rumoured pregnancy, the former news anchor flatly denied it, saying plans for a kid would start only "after one or two years."

"I love my job, and I wish to continue working." Patty quipped.

Although she has no plans on being a domestic goddess now, Patty reassured that her child would rank top on her priorities -- when she has one

Source: xinmsn.com and asianuniverse.net

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