Xiao Gui album promotion at Hong Kong leads to overcrowding

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Xiao Gui album promotion at Hong Kong leads to overcrowding

Post by Successor on Sun Apr 11, 2010 9:48 am




Translation done by Successor:

Taiwan Idol, Xiao Gui (Alien Huang Hong Sheng), first time to Hong Kong for his album promotion and signing event. Many fans gush into the event to support him made Xiao Gui especially surprised and touched. However as some fans actions are too overboard, the event was forced to be cancelled. This made Xiao Gui feel the immense pity and helpless.

When reporter ask for Xiao Gui's thoughts on the event cancellation, he truthfully said that he did feel sad for it. However after seeing so many fans support, admist all the sadness, he also felt the warmth, in which only Xiao Gui will only be able to understand such kind of feeling.

Xiao Zhu (SHow Luo) had told him previously that Hong Kong's fans were especially enthusiastic, and asked him to relax. His nervousness were not for nothing as he was afraid that there would be none turning up for the event, however were surprised that this event had to be cancelled due to the huge amount of fans. This left Xiao Gui in a dilemma.

Source: yule.tom.com

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